Creative Calligraphy at Home

Foundational Creative Calligraphy


Creative Calligraphy is delighted to offer an At Home experience for those wanting to learn the art of beautiful writing from the comfort of their own home, or perhaps their favourite cafe.

There are two kits available - Foundational Hand and Copperplate - both offering everything you need to get started on your calligraphy journey.


Foundational Hand is a neat and rounded traditional calligraphy script, developed by calligrapher Edward Johnston in the early 1900s, written with a broad-edged pen.

The Foundational Hand kit includes a 12-page workbook, pen, calligrapher's rule and practice pad.


Copperplate is a style of calligraphy similar to cursive handwriting, written with a pointed nib, where thick and thin strokes are created by pressure and release of the nib.

While copperplate is a traditional calligraphy script, the pen technique can be adapted to create more modern calligraphy styles.

The Copperplate kit includes a 12-page workbook, pointed nib, oblique or straight pen holder, a 15ml pot of ink and a practice pad.

Please specify if you are left-handed and materials in the kits will be adapted accordingly.

If you would prefer to source your own materials, the workbooks are available to download. A list of recommended supplies is below and a supplier list is also available to download for free.

Foundational Hand - Manuscript Pen Company 2B Italic/Calligraphy Pen, Calligrapher's Rule and Practice Pad.

Copperplate - Speedball Oblique Holder (right-handed) or Manuscript Pen Company straight holder (left-handed), Nikko G Nib, Higgins Eternal Ink, Manuscript Pen Company Practice Pad or Rhodia Blank Pad.