Christmas Calligraphy Gift Guide 2019

On the first day of Christmas my true love gave to me – all of the calligraphy goodies!

If you’re looking to buy something for the calligraphy fan in your life, or you’re a calligraphy nut who wants to drop Santa a few hints, here are some dreamy items to get you started!

Diamine Ink Advent Calendar

If you can’t wait until Christmas, Diamine has a calligraphy ink advent calendar to help you count down the days to December 25.

I first heard about the Inkvent Calendar via stationery blogger Reema at – you can read her review here.

It features 24 7ml bottles of ink in a range of colours and finishes, plus a larger bottle for Christmas Day itself.

The packaging alone looks beautiful, so I’m not surprised it’s already out of stock in some of the usual places!

Herbin Inks

If inks are your thing, Herbin has compiled four boxes of colours inspired by the seasons.

And with five bottles in each set, there’s enough to keep you busy throughout 2020.

I won a set of inks from Cult Pens recently and can’t wait to try them out.

Nib Subscription from Meticulous Ink

I found out about Meticulous Ink via another calligrapher on Instagram and soon fell in love!

So when I found out Bath-based Athena Cauley-Yu was offering a five-month nib subscription, I signed up straight away.

You can never have enough nibs, right?

Each month’s subscription will include five new and vintage nibs, presented on a letterpressed nib holder card, a description sheet with examples of each nibs, a calligraphy copy sheet and five sheets of blank paper. All wrapped up in a colourful and hand-addressed wax-sealed envelope!

Subscriptions are limited and sign-up closes on December 20 – so be quick!

Want to know more about calligraphy nibs? Click here to read a previous blog post, featuring lots of tips from the pros!

The Calligraphy Box

Another calligra-crush of mine is Jenni Liandu of JL Calligraphy. Seriously, check out her Instagram feed.

Like Athena, Jenni is about to launch a subscription service, mainly aimed at budding calligraphers, featuring tools and tips to improve and practice your calligraphy.

You will also get to join a live practice lesson with Jenni every month and get access to an exclusive online group.

You can sign up for The Calligraphy Box here.

Luis Creations Ink Stirrer

Perfect for calligraphers and gadget lovers, the ink stirrer from Luis Creations is a handy little device that uses magnets to continuously stir your inks.

This is particularly useful for metallic inks, whose pigment tends to settle back to the bottom after a while.

I ordered mine from The Calligraphy Store, run by Lauren from Oh Wonder Calligraphy.

A Year in Calligraphy by Kirsten Burke

Kirsten is the driving force behind The Modern Calligraphy Co and the author of several books.

A Year in Calligraphy is the latest and perfect for someone looking to start their calligraphy journey or expand their knowledge in the new year.

It’s billed as an inspirational monthly journal and workbook to develop your creative calligraphy throughout the seasons, packed full of fun, easy to follow projects.

The book can be used alongside nib pens, brush pens and paintbrushes.

For more calligraphy book tips, click here to read a previous blog on the subject.

Gift a calligraphy workshop

cultural spring calligraphy

I’ve done this for someone special this year and (shameless plug) I offer gift vouchers for workshops and commissions and they make great presents.

Lots of other calligraphers do the same (check out the lovely letterers available in the north east alone here) so seek out your local calligrapher or calligraphy association and see what they can offer.

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