Creating Gothicised Italic Calligraphy

I’VE become a little bit obsessed with making books since joining my calligraphy class.

It’s just one of the skills I’ve learned under the direction of Susan Moor, an amazing calligrapher and chairwoman of the Northumbrian Scribes.

As well as familiarising myself with Japanese stab stitch and other forms of book binding, I’ve learned a new calligraphy script – Gothicised Italic – and even made some Christmas cards.

I’m quite proud of the way my first book turned out.

I found The Green Glen, by John Clare, in a poetry anthology Susan had brought in.

It must have appealed to my Celtic roots, as a glen is defined as a narrow valley, especially in Scotland or Ireland.

It was also nice and short – not too much pressure for a first time book-maker!

Or for my first lengthy piece in gothicised italic script.

I’ve also made three books outside the classroom, all for orders of poems that would have simply taken up too much wall space if they’d been written out and framed.

I’m now considering making some plain ones up as guests books for weddings and christenings.

cards 2cards 2I also got some compliments on my Christmas cards – and I was thrilled with the ones I received. It’s been a while since I had something addressed solely to me!

All in all it’s been a great learning experience that has made me a better and more confident calligrapher and I continue to be inspired by Susan and my classmates.

We’re starting copperplate script in the new year, which I’m sure will add another string to my bow, especially when it comes to wedding season!




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