Holiday swap for Pencils of Promise

I’ve got lots of lovely projects coming my way in the run up to Christmas.

But this one is for pleasure rather than business.

I’m joining the holiday swap for Pencils of Promise with a bunch of calligraphers from all over the world.

We’re joining forces over on Instagram to share our love of lettering and raise money for a great cause.

pencils-1Pencils of Promise believes everyone deserves access to a quality education.

It provides educational opportunities for children in developing countries such as Ghana, Guatemala and Laos, building schools, providing scholarships, training teachers and more.

It was founded by Adam Braun after he asked a small boy begging on the streets of India what he wanted most in the world.

“A pencil,” was the reply and Adam just so happened to have one in his backpack.

As he handed it over, he watched as “a wave of possibility washed over him”.

pencils-2Over the next five years, Adam backpacked through more than 50 countries, handing out thousands of pens and pencils across six continents.

Pencils of Promise was founded in October 2008 and has since built more than 300 schools, serving more than 300,000 pupils.

I heard about the holiday swap via Joyce Lee, from Artsynibs, who is part of the Letter For Good team behind the fundraising initiative.

Everyone taking part has made a donation to Pencils of Promise and pledged to follow through on their commitment of writing a letter for the holiday swap.

Participants have been randomly matched with another #calligrafriend (I love that hashtag) to swap letters and other goodies with before Christmas.

pencils of promise 1Everything will be shared on Instagram, so if you’re on there, make sure you follow @letterforgood to see what everyone comes up with.

There’s already some lovely artwork up there (like the one on the left from me) from the calligraphers and lettering artists who have pledged their support.

I’m looking forward to getting to work on my lettering gift, as well as bundling up a few goodies from the north east to complete the festive package.

But not as much as finding out who I’ve been matched with and receiving their post!

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