Investing in product photography

Product photography is not my strong point.

I’ve relied on my phone to take pictures for the best part of three years, with professional shots of my calligraphy being few and far between.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve taken part in a couple of styled shoots and received a handful of images taken by photographers at weddings I’ve been involved in.

But I haven’t really had an extensive set of shots taken since I started out in May 2014 and the business has changed massively since then.


My business image was in need of an update.

Every year, my business birthday seems to prompt some tweak or another – a little bit like when you start making new year’s resolutions!

This time, I decided to invest in some product photography.

I feel a lot more in touch with my branding as a result of working with Hollie Ellis Design and I’m also in the process of having my website updated by Jackdaw Web Design.

I was keen to get some new imagery to reflect this and really show my work in the best light – literally. Everything needed to be brighter.

So, I pulled a few samples together and met wedding and commercial photographer Gavin Forster at Hive Coffee Company in Jarrow.


Finding the perfect photoshoot setting.

I’ve been a big fan of the venue since it opened in the grounds of Jarrow Hall and I knew it would be the perfect setting for a photoshoot – nice and bright and airy.

Plus, coffee and calligraphy are two of my favourite things!

Gavin’s work came highly recommended, plus I’d also met him at a networking event and kept in touch via social media, so I was familiar with his style.

We’d met previously to discuss what we needed to get out of the shoot, so when we arrived at Hive Coffee Company (on a lovely day weather-wise) we were good to go.

As well as taking some product photography (with stationery samples from Helen Scott Design), we got some of me writing and the obligatory headshot.

I also had to make use of the lovely furniture, particularly the sofa.


Bringing it all together.

I can’t wait to see how the images look on my website when it re-launches next month.

I’ll also be using them a lot more on social media – something Gavin took into account as he was shooting away, leaving space to add words and so on in programs like Canva.

I’m definitely a convert to the benefits of hiring a professional photographer for your business.

However, Gavin runs training sessions on how to get the most from your mobile, so I’ll be signing up for one of those for when it’s just me in the dining room.

I’ll be needed the Instagram filters for a while yet I think!

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