Joining the Inkpact Scribe Tribe

In case you hadn’t noticed, I love to write.

This means I’m always on the lookout for opportunities to write, whether it’s via my blog, my calligraphy or my new sideline in press and PR.

So when I heard that Inkpact was recruiting, I got in touch.

inkpact scribe tribe 1I came across the company on Twitter quite a while ago and fell in love with its ethos.

It’s all about using the power of handwritten communication to restore the human connection between businesses and their customers.

After all, who doesn’t love receiving a letter or a note in the post?

Throw in some beautiful handwriting and bespoke touches like wax seals and you’re bound to get more opens than a round-robin e-mail.

Did I mention that I also love stationery? Inkpact sources its stationery from the finest stationers – and real ink is a must!

inkpact scribe tribe 3Inkpact was founded in 2013 by Charlotte Pearce and has a small head office team, supported by a community of freelance writers – the ‘Inkpact Scribe Tribe’ of which I am now a member.

As a social enterprise, Inkpact is committed to providing flexible, skilled work, particularly to those in difficult circumstances, stating on its website:

“Our social impact is at the core of Inkpact and the love we have for our amazing writer community is strong.

“Every writer makes a difference to our business and yours, and we are always looking to help them gain more opportunities with the creative skills they possess.”


The Inkpact Scribe Tribe application process

I applied by filling out an online form and sending an example of my handwriting.

It had to be my actual handwriting, not my calligraphy. The handwriting I thought had been ruined by shorthand in my 13 years of journalism, but apparently not!

I received an e-mail the next day to say I had been accepted and what the next steps were, which included registering for my writer pack.

inkpact scribe tribe 2The pack includes a Parker fountain pen and cartridges, A4 lightpad and grid rule.

Writers can express an interest in assignments as they become available via an online portal and the relevant stationery is then sent out with a detailed job description.

There are strict quality controls, but I’m a bit of a perfectionist anyway!

I’m really looking forward to being part of the team and I have already received a warm welcome from tribe supporter Lorena Gutierrez.

I’ve also had previous contact with head of marketing Sam Jones, after taking part in a Q&A on the Inkpact blog for National Stationery Week in March.

Everything I need to know is in the Inkpact Scribe Tribe Manual and I love that I can pick and choose jobs to fit around my other commitments – and hopefully be called upon should my calligraphy skills be required.

I did mention my 120wpm shorthand qualification in the application when asked for ‘an interesting fact about me’ – the hardest question I had to answer.

It’s not exactly fascinating, but it was related to writing and besides, an encrypted Teeline note would make an interesting marketing campaign!

If you’re smitten with handwritten, check out the Inkpact website here.

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