Moblique penholder and Shimmertastic inks

I love it when new calligraphy products are brought to my attention!

I’ve been experimenting recently with the latest addition to my stash of penholders and a range of inks that add a touch of sparkle to your lettering.

So I thought I’d share with your my experiences of the Moblique two-in-one penholder, which launched in May, and the Diamine Shimmertastic range.


Moblique Penholder 

Penman Direct is one of my go-to calligraphy suppliers and I follow them on social media, which is where I heard about the new Moblique holder.

moblique holder

Mint leaf Moblique set as a straight holder with Nikko G nib

Made by Luis Creations of Australia, it can be used as either a straight or oblique penholder and there’s also space inside to store two Nikko G-sized nibs.

I immediately signed up for a pre-order – as did many of my calligraphy friends! (You can read a fab review from Kate Watson of Olive & Reid Studio here).

There are six colours to choose from – three pastel and three chrome-plated – and if you buy more than one you can mix and match the colours.

I opted for the Mint Leaf and Dead Sea Clay from the pastel range, which also includes English Rose.

Golden Sunshine, Copper Sunrise and Moonlight Shadow make up the chrome-plated range.

moblique holder 2

Dead Sea Clay Moblique nib storage

Penman Direct is one of only two UK stocksts, along with The Creative Nib.

The two-in-one Moblique holder is a great buy for calligraphers on a budget.

It’s a lot lighter than I was expecting and comfortable to use – I have no idea what material the holder is made from, but it has a soft feel.

I’ve used it as both a straight and oblique holder with Nikko G nibs so far, but I’m looking forward to testing out with some different nibs.

I used some drill sheets from The Postman’s Knock – available as free downloads here – to help get a feel for the holder.


Diamine Shimmertastic Inks

While I was testing the Moblique I thought it was a great opportunity to try some inks I’d been sent by The Pen Company.

diamine shimmertastic ink

Diamine Shimmertastic Inks and packaging

The Diamine Shimmertastic range includes gold or silver metallic particles to complement the ink colour and add a satisfying shimmer to your handwriting.

I love metallic inks, so I couldn’t resist the chance to put them to calligraphy use!

They’re designed for fountain pens, so I added the ink to one of Manuscript Pen Company fountain pens using the ink converter.

The bottle needs a good shake beforehand, as the metallic particles natural settle at the bottom.

There are 22 colours available and I was sent Lilac Satin and Blue Flame.

The bottles themselves are gorgeous, with a beautiful label and packaging designed by Inky Mole.

diamine shimmertastic ink 2

Diamine Shimmertastic Inks

The inks are said to work best with broad-edged pens, but I actually found they worked just as well with a dip pen, or at least one with a pointed nib.

The mouth of the bottle is a little narrow for an oblique holder, but a straight one was fine – I was just concerned about getting ink on my lovely new Moblique holder!

The ink flows nicely and there is a definite shimmer, not as pronounced as I was expecting, but more visible depending on the light.

Like most metallic inks, regular shaking/stirring is required, although I’ve noticed Luis Creations also produces the Soap calligraphy ink stirrer. My next purchase, perhaps?  




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