Paper Craze stationery review

Paper Craze offers fun, bright and quirky stationery and cute prints.

They’re undergoing a bit of re-brand at the moment, so when I was invited to test some of their new products, how could I resist?

As well as appealing to my stationery-loving nature, Paper Craze is also a local business, located just down the A19 from me in Hartlepool.

The Paper Craze ethos

Gemma Laverick is the creative copywriter in the close-knit team of five people responsible for keeping stationery addicts happy.

paper craze 4She said: “We hand-make our products and are involved in the design process right through to packing.

“We’re re-branding from a company which was set up by somebody else and re-designing the products to be more colourful, playful and bold.

“The inspiration behind our new ranges and re-design of the old ranges is all about fun products for stationery addicts.

“We’re looking to do themed boxes around popular trends as well as carrying on the hashtag series, but with a whole new look.”

It starts with a pencil and paper

Paper Craze design and make greetings cards, personalised wedding stationery, prints and gifts.

paper craze 1Every design starts with a pencil sketch, which is then scanned in and re-drawn digitally to create everything from personalised cards and notebooks to funky pencils and badges.

My package was jam-packed with notebooks, postcards, pencils, badges and sweets, all beautifully wrapped in tissue paper with a sprinkle of heart-shaped confetti.

The foiled sticker on the outside promising ‘happy things inside’ had raised my expectation levels and I wasn’t disappointed.

My Paper Craze experience

A personalised note always gets things off to a good start and the modern calligraphy font, also used in their logo, gets more brownie points from me.

paper craze 2The colours used throughout the product range are bright, but also complementary of each other, with the odd pastel hue toning things down when needed.

I’ve started using the larger of the two notebooks and the paper is lovely to write on.

It’s just the right size for my handbag, although it’s currently my go-to notepad when I need to jot something down in the house.

The quote on the front also makes me smile: “It’s not a fad, I’m stationery mad.”

paper craze 3The same goes for the hashtag series of pencils – #stationerymad #stationeryaddict #stationerynerd #stationerygeek and #stationerylover.

And if you’ve got a thing for unicorns, or llamas for that matter, check out their llamacorn designs!

Paper Craze is already a Not On The High Street partner (you can visit their store here) and I’m sure their future will be as bright as their stationery!



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