Planning a business spring clean

I’ve been enjoying a well-earned break with the children during the Easter holidays – but I’ve already got one eye on the next steps for my business.

Creative Calligraphy will be two years old in May, so it’s a good time to take stock.

Two recent meetings of the Inspire Network got me thinking about my branding in particular, both in showcasing myself and my products.

sage cuppaNichola English – The Wardrobe Provocateur, who recently appeared at the North East Wedding Show at Newcastle’s Metro Radio Arena, addressed a meeting in North Tyneside.

Her approach to styling, which she discovered a passion for in her 20s, is to boost self-confidence, using her skills as a qualified life coach and holistic therapist.

She works with individuals who desire change in their lives, as well as helping people to project their personal and professional brand through their image.

I’m far from a dedicated follower of fashion, and like most of the women in the room, I admitted to being stuck in a rut and feeling the ‘mummy guilt’ about buying something new.

I very rarely leap out of my comfort zone of jeans and cardigans, but Nichola’s point that even the smallest accessory can help you stand out is something that I will bear in mind.

Standing out from the crowd was also a topic of conversation at a meeting of the Gateshead branch of the Inspire Network, where Ann English was a guest speaker.

wedding show

Standing out from the crowd?

Ann is an expert in visual merchandising, with more than 25 years’ experience in the design, display, retail and event sectors.

Her clients may include High Street brands like The Pen Shop, but the principles can be applied to smaller businesses like mine at wedding fairs, craft markets and trade events.

Giving a calligraphy demonstration was one of her top tips for me, but there was plenty more that I could adapt to suit my business at future events.

So I’ll be giving Creative Calligraphy another little makeover – a spring clean, if you will – with new photographs and business cards at the top of my to-do list when the kids head back to school.


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