Researching calligraphy ink

Social media is brilliant when used in the right way.

I started quite the Twitter chat when I appealed to my fellow calligraphers for tips on silver ink.

The colour had been requested by the mother-of-the-bride for a recent wedding commission.

She was having her daughter’s favour/place card name tags professionally written as a surprise for her.

The wedding has been and gone, but the conversation about ink continues!

The response from Joyce Lee (Artsynibs), Kate Watson (Olive and Reid), Love Calligraphy (run by Rosanna Ibarrola and Alejandra Gonaldi), Calligraphy Nut and Hilary Lewis went above and beyond my initial appeal.

I would have been happy with a quick recommendation, but we were soon discussing the pros and cons of various inks and introducing each other to new brands.

The lovely Kate even did me a ‘quick’ sample of her Winsor & Newton silver gouache, which is the option I finally settled for, although I can’t wait to try the other suggestions.

I’m in danger of developing an expensive ink habit, with a Finetec pearl metallic ink palette topping my shopping list, along with some Talens gouache and Dr Ph Martin’s calligraphy colours.

Penman Direct joined the conversation in support of the Finetec palette, so I’ll be rewarding them with a purchase (theirs was also the best price).

Kate also tipped me off about Talens being on special offer at Curtis Ward Ltd.

As my commission was time sensitive, I headed to Details at Newcastle Arts Centre to grab my silver gouache, having had good results with the gold Winsor & Newton gouache in the past.

It worked perfectly – and the recipient was delighted with it too.

So thanks for the tips ladies!

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