Settings goals for 2018

It’s time to set some goals for the year ahead as January rolls around again.

So, what’s on the agenda for Creative Calligraphy in 2018?

Well, we’re off to a good start, with plenty of workshops and events in the diary to keep us going until Easter.

With two children at school and classes that run in blocks of eight to 10 weeks, I tend to think on a termly basis when it comes to my business and set targets accordingly.

School holidays give me a chance to regroup and plan ahead!

How did I get on in 2017?

First of all, how did I do with last year’s goals?

Accepting a part-time job halfway through the year put paid to my pledge to practice, practice, practice – there just aren’t enough hours in the day!

goals 2018This means my ambition to master modern calligraphy and brush lettering fell by the wayside, so that’s still on the agenda.

I was more successful in my bid to explore more workshop opportunities and collaborations and there were plenty of other highlights.

I kept on top of my blog, which is easy as blogging is one of my favourite parts of running the business (aside from the calligraphy of course), but I’d like to explore further opportunities within that. 

And when it comes to being consistent with my social media and photography, there’s always room for improvement!

My business goals for 2018

So, I’d really just like 2018 to offer more of the same!

I love running workshops and I have some regular venues now, which is brilliant, with a couple of new ones on the horizon.

goals 2018I need to refresh my worksheets and perhaps turn them into proper workbooks that I may even be able to package up with some calligraphy materials and sell online – definitely something to think about!

I’ve got a couple of wedding fairs booked in, so hopefully I’ll get to work with more couples this year and give my wedding calligraphy portfolio a boost.

I definitely want to have a look at my pricing and make sure I get that right.

I have two books to help with that – The Calligrapher’s Business Handbook by Moller Suber Thorpe and Panic-Free Pricing, written by Joanne T Lauzon of inDetail Creative and Becca Courtice of The Happy Ever Crafter.

I’m also going to invest in some social media training and there’s a great event in Sunderland later this month, One Sunderland Expo, which is aimed at growing your business, so hopefully I’ll have a few more goals after that!

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