Sharing in engagement joy!

GLOSSY magazines and bridal blogs are full of real-life weddings – but how about real-life proposals?

I was honoured to have a small part to play in the engagement of Joe Connor and Bethany Rivers recently.

Photographer Joe planned to pop the question over a romantic Alice In Wonderland-themed picnic.

He explained that tattoo artist Bethany is a huge fan of the story.

He got in touch with me about two months before the big moment, with the engagement plan finally put into action on a rare summer’s day off together for the couple.

I was asked to write the words ‘eat me’, ‘drink me’ and the all-important ‘marry me?’ on beautiful ivory luggage tags, which had a heart-shaped cut-out.

I did so in three different styles of calligraphy – copperplate, akim and Roman small letter.

Joe opted for the Roman small letter on the day and hooked the labels around a cupcake, a bottle of champagne and a beautiful vintage engagement ring – a family heirloom.

Bethany, unsurprisingly, said yes and Joe captured her engagement joy on camera.

I was delighted for them when I heard that Joe’s plan had been a success and loved the photographs.

He gave me kind permission to use them on my website and social media – and they’ve been seen by more than 1,000 people.

Talk about sharing the love!

Pictures courtesy of Joe Connor/Foto Couture

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