Calligrabuddies: Meet Joanne Taylor Calligraphy

Joanne Taylor Calligraphy

This year, I want to keep up the good work I started last year developing my own calligraphy skills. It’s about the only resolution* I’ve made! So when the European Pointed Pen Collective (EPPC) gave members the opportunity to pair up with a calligrabuddy in 2021, I jumped at the chance – and was delighted…

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Calligraphy for a New York City proposal

proposal 3

Calligraphy and New York City are two of my favourite things. So when I asked to help with a romantic proposal set to take place in the Big Apple, I was happy to oblige, particularly as I had also helped to break the news of the trip! Jamie Gray first got in touch with at…

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Lettering and calligraphy spotting in Italy

lettering italy 4

There was lots of lettering to admire on my recent trip to Italy. From menus written on the windows of restaurants to house names painted on brilliant white tiles, I was stopping every few steps to take pictures. Then in Amalfi, I discovered a paper museum – or Museo della Carta! Fortunately, my husband and…

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Calligraphy Workshop at the Customs House

wordstruck calligraphy 1

Having seen examples of Angela’s beautiful calligraphy, I’d been inspired to pick up my special ink pens and nibs and give it a try. But as, with so many things, I never really set aside the time to do it. So it was a real treat to be able to spend a couple of hours…

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Words and the beauty of calligraphy

words love

A love of words is something copywriter Michelle Nicol and I have in common. She wrote this blog for her business, Wordstruck, after we met up last month and she has kindly allowed me to share it here.   Words are all around us. You and I see thousands of them everyday – on the…

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Workshops helping towards business goals

hub workshops 6

When I set my business goals for 2017, running more workshops was a definite priority. I was given a great start when my group from the Cultural Spring decided they wanted to continue when the first three years of the programme came to an end. We found a new home at Westoe Crown Community Hub…

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Signage for weddings and events

signage mirror 2

Signage is a big thing for weddings and events at the moment. A quick search on Pinterest will generate hundreds, if not thousands, of results. And they come in all shapes and sizes and are made from all sorts of materials. I’ve had two requests for signage recently, which definitely took me out of my…

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Workshops well underway for budding calligraphers

workshops hawthorn 2

My workshops are proving popular at the moment. Maybe the new year kick-started a creative streak in people? I was invited back to Hawthorn Arts in South Shields at the weekend to stage a second masterclass. The first one was held in November last year and was very well received. This one was actually oversubscribed!…

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Brush lettering workshop with The Crafthood

crafthood 1

Brush lettering is not as easy as you think! It’s something I’d really like to get the hang of this year and so far I’m sticking to my goal. I’ve taken part in the #ShowMeYourDrills challenge run by The Happy Ever Crafter on Instagram. I’ve also invested in her workbook for the next stage –…

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Testing out vintage calligraphy nibs

IT’S easy to see why some people become avid collectors of vintage calligraphy nibs. I’m the kind of person who geeks out over that sort of thing. For example, my favourite place at Beamish in County Durham is the stationers in the 1900s town, with its ink bottles and dip pens and old-fashioned advertising. When…

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