Words and the beauty of calligraphy

words love

A love of words is something copywriter Michelle Nicol and I have in common. She wrote this blog for her business, Wordstruck, after we met up last month and she has kindly allowed me to share it here.   Words are all around us. You and I see thousands of them everyday – on the…

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Bullet journaling for beginners

journaling 1

Bullet journaling should be right up my street! I carry a diary and a selection of notebooks around with me and a bullet journal brings their contents together in a beautiful analogue bundle. I hadn’t heard of a bullet journal until artist Gail Armstrong introduced me to hers when she attended one of my calligraphy…

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Letters sent around the world for InCoWriMo 2017

letters 1

InCoWriMo has been my project for February and I’ve really enjoyed taking part. International Correspondence Writing Month – to give it its full title – encourages people to send a letter a day throughout the month of February. I’ve recently rediscovered my love of letters, after taking part in a letter exchange before Christmas and…

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