Wedding Calligraphy: Helen and Alex Tribe

Newlyweds Helen and Alex Tribe sent me a gorgeous thank you card recently after commissioning my calligraphy skills for various aspects of their wedding last summer.

I couldn’t resist asking DIY bride Helen why she wanted to incorporate calligraphy into their plans and the difference it made to the day.

Here’s what she had to say…

Calligraphy for a DIY bride

I met Angela though a commission I asked her to do for my cousin and her husband just after their wedding.

Alex and I went to one of her classes a few months later and when we were engaged, I knew I had to commission Angela to do some calligraphy for our wedding.

We wanted our wedding to have DIY elements. I’m crafty myself, I love to cross-stitch and I brought that into the wedding too.

wedding calligraphy tribe 2

Our relationship started by writing good old fashioned love letters to each other and as writing is a dying art, we like to keep it going. 

We even had a ceremony at our wedding where we put a bottle of wine with a love letter to each other in a locked box that we can open on our fifth anniversary. We will drink the wine, reminisce about the last five years and write another letter, eventually making a time capsule of our marriage. 

wedding calligraphy tribe 1

A personal touch

Calligraphy was important to us to have that hand written touch to our day. 

We had the usual table plan, table numbers and place cards, but also took the opportunity to make some things we could keep, so we had our favourite love quotes framed on the bar that we now have up in our home.

Just when you think you’ve thought of everything possible for your wedding, Angela suggested an ink that might go with our colour scheme, made out of walnut.

wedding calligraphy tribe 3

We instantly agreed. It was perfect, since we also love walking in the woods. It was one of those touches that no one else would notice, but it was just for us and made us smile.

Throughout the planning Angela was so helpful, from her expert advice to double checking my spellings at every turn. Angela’s calligraphy set the scene for our intimate wedding that focused on us as a couple and our wonderful family and friends and I couldn’t recommend her enough.

Pictures used with kind permission of Belle Art Photography.

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