Wedding Calligraphy

This is a guest blog I did for wedding blog Tyne the Knot last month when the theme was “all in the details”.



Adding the personal touch

The time has come to send out the wedding invitations and let everyone know the plans for your big day.

You may have already sent out Save the Date cards, but more often than not, this will be the first impression people gain of your wedding – and you want it to be a good one.

Brides-to-be spend hours trawling wedding fairs and websites in a bid to find the right stationery supplier, but how much thought goes into the writing side of things?

If your handwriting’s not the best – or you don’t want to take a ballpoint pen to your bespoke design – Creative Calligraphy is here to help.

Calligraphy is derived from the Greek kallos (beauty) and graphe (writing) and means beautiful writing. Understandably, it’s a rather romantic art form.franks

It has been used since ancient times and many civilisations incorporated into their texts, including the Greeks and the Romans. It has been relied upon for hundreds of years for formal texts and meaningful pieces.

We live in an age where technology is king and we are used to communicating via text and e-mail – but nothing beats receiving something that has been hand-written. It makes an immediate impression and is much more personal.

Creative Calligraphy offers a bespoke service where lettering style, size and colour can be tailored to complement your theme.

Our ultimate aim is to give your wedding stationery the finishing touch it deserves.

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