Calligraphers and hand letterers in the north east

In the spirit of community over competition, I’m giving a shout out to some of my favourite fellow calligraphers and hand-letterers in the north east of England in this blog.

There’s a few of us, but we all do different things, from modern calligraphy to tattoo design, bespoke cards to chalkboards.

So, if there’s anything I’m not sure of, or if it’s outside of my skillset, I’ll happily recommend these lovelies.

The Crafthood

Kay and Sharon run a range of modern craft activities and are involved in brilliant things like The Thoughtful Night Market and the Make and Mend Festival.

If you’re interested in modern calligraphy and brush lettering workshops and commissions, they’re the ones to go to.

(You can read about my first brush lettering attempts with them here.)


Lavelle Lettering

I first met Abbi at a wedding fair and we’ve since met up for a coffee and a chat about all things running a calligraphy business.

She started out three years ago, making greetings cards and hand-lettered quotes to order before expanding into wedding calligraphy and signage.

She’s now branching out into workshops and you can find her running a chalkboard calligraphy workshop at Delight & Wisdom in Corbridge on Wednesday, June 26, 2019.


Chief Chalker

Speaking of chalkboards, Danni creates the most unbelievable chalkboards and mirrored table plans and signage.

Her distinctive style is in demand at high-end venues across the region and her Instagram feed is full of beautiful projects for weddings, corporate events and family occasions.


The Inkling Studio

Jules and I had followed each other on social media for quite some time before getting together in real life – despite living just a few miles away from each other!

Based in Sunderland, she creates beautiful cards in a rainbow of ink and paper colours, with elegant finishing touches like vellum, gold leaf and brass eyelets.

Her modern calligraphy and handwriting styles are just stunning.


Rockery Cottage

Lauren attended one of my workshops at From Loft to Loved in Sedgefield, where she also stocks her products.

Skilled in pyrography and engraving, she has now turned her attention to pen and ink.

If you’re looking for personalised gifts, from wooden boards to gin glasses, she’s your woman!


Princess Crocodile Designs     

Wallsend-based art teacher Rebecca taught herself calligraphy about two years ago and specialises in mirrors, wood slices and watercolour illustration.

Her hand-painted jackets are amazing! And if you’re in the market for a tattoo, she and a friend have just opened Wilbur and Piggle.

IG: @princesscrocodiledesigns

Nit Wit Studio

Anna is a multi-disciplinary artist and creator of colourful things.

She also runs modern calligraphy classes at Delight & Wisdom in Corbridge and Penfax in Hexham.


Ebony Newton Design

I discovered Ebony on Instagram and found I was actually familiar with a lot of her work.

She has been in the greetings and gifting industry for 13 years, working with some of the biggest publishers in the country, including Hallmark Cards, where she led the UK hand-lettering team.

You can view some of her hand lettering work here and look out for her north-east inspired designs in local stockists, including For the Love of the North.


Lettering Art

Tim Sokell also has a graphic design background and his work was recently exhibited at the Calligraphy and Lettering Arts Society’s 25th anniversary exhibition, A Way With Words. He teaches modern and traditional calligraphy at Newcastle Arts Centre and Lateral Art in Morpeth.  


I’m sure this list is by no means exhaustive. I haven’t even touched on the talented members of the Northumbrian Scribes and tutors like Chris Bowen.

I’ve missed anyone out, please let me know!

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